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Honestly, I have no idea. I looked it up and got 16 text into the Wikipedia definition in advance of I'd to start looking up more terms to understand, and finally gave up.

It’s also actually slender and type of runny, which shocked me. How could a thing that goes on so slim be so powerful? It just takes one coat, and it requires about four several hours in advance of it’s dry on the touch. But after he used it and still left, I needed to babysit These darned countertops for about an hour, catching and wiping away the polyurea because it collected on the bottom edge with the countertop and formed drips.

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Todd, you point out leaving a 1/4 in Area involving the subfloor and concrete wall. Beneath the subfloor, we're Placing PT sleepers around the perimeter of your area and afterwards encasing the foamboard amongst the sleepers, alternating with sleepers between Each and every foam board sheet.

two. The builder installed fiberglass within the concrete walls really bothers me. Will be the fiberglass in direct contact with concrete? If so that’s really terrible!

1. Can I leave fiberglass in rim joists as is, really should I add XPS foam around, or ought to I remove then substitute with XPS foam? (I plan to install a fall ceiling if this matters)

two. Actually I’m not sure it matters all that A lot. By doing the floor first it is possible to better insulate your complete slab.

If you might want to degree it there are numerous options. However, most self-leveling products ordinarily are 1″ or a lot less. There are several commercially offered types that will do thicker Nevertheless they are frequently installed by specialty contractors.

I’m not familiar with bluwood. Nonetheless, a quick scan of their web-site appears as though they don’t warranty for direct Call with earth that's rather similar to immediate Make contact with with concrete in my working experience. So I’d most likely advise a vapor barrier to start with.

Todd — good web site. I'm redoing my basement, ripping out hte aged wall frames and fiberglass batts. There's an existing slab floor. Next your advised methods for insulating floors and walls, need to I insulate and put inside the walls initial, or cutting concrete block with reciprocating saw perhaps the subfloor 1st?

With barricade should really I do the cutting concrete angle grinder floors first and after that Create the walls along with it or walls very first then barricade up into the wall?

Yes…it’s just what I’d assume to happen. The concrete blocks are packed with moisture, all the time (inside the micropoors of your concrete), that moisture can condensate and have trapped concerning the concrete and foam.

Let me start by declaring I’m part way as a result of my refinishing job and am very delighted with the insulating outcomes to date. I've insulated the floors, walls find out about decorative concrete austin and rim joists with XPS foam. Walls and rims joists cavities (the two vertically and horizontally out for the wall XPS sheets) had been 2″ XPS, taped at seams and spray foamed at edges.

To mitigate this I used to be thinking of wrapping the uncovered ends with the tyvec tape – maybe that should preserve them from commencing their journey??? What do you think?

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